Executive Search

We will help you find competent senior and mid level managers who will create added value to your business. Contact us if you are searching for highly skilled executives and managers specializing in FinTech, corporate governance, sales, finance, marketing and communications, law, IT, Human Resources Management, logistics and other fields. We can find the most suitable candidate in Lithuania, or abroad.

Board Members Search

Independent Board Members are essential when a company is facing expansion or seeks to improve its governance. Independent Board Members help to refine your business strategy and/or business model, ensure that your company’s business operations are run more effectively, create added value for stakeholders and employees.

Career Consultations

One day even the most successful managers at all levels can realize they want something more. Have you worked long enough in one company and have distanced yourself inadvertently from market tendencies? Do you want new challenges and responsibilities? Unsure how to start your search? Reach out to us. We create career plans for managers of all levels and give expert advice how to best present yourself in a job market.


This service is aimed at companies which, due to changed circumstances (business optimization, change of stakeholders etc) have to make a decision to lay off some of their employees. We offer practical career advice and coaching support to senior and mid level managers and employees, in order to help them find new career paths. This service helps the company to retain its corporate public image and preserve its reputation as a reliable and responsible employer.