Skelbimai spalio 27, 2022

“Lietuvos paštas” announces the selection of Chief Executive Officer

Lietuvos paštas (Lithuanian Post) AB is the company with the widest and densest network of postal service outlets in Lithuania. Lietuvos paštas provides postal, logistics and financial intermediation services. The company employs 3206 people.

The company aim is to be recognized as a profitable and efficient company focused on business development, optimisation and digitalisation, as well on creating a motivating environment and ensuring the provision of quality services of public interest.

To achieve these ambitions, we are looking for a driven, strategically-minded leader who is able to mobilise a team, create and develop a high performing company.

Chief Executive Officer

All candidates must have the education, knowledge, professional skills and experience necessary to perform the duties of the Chief Executive Officer. Candidates must meet the general, specific and value-based requirements, as well as the requirements set out in the Company’s applicable laws. Additional competences and experience will be considered as an advantage.

 General requirements

  • University degree or equivalent education;
  • Very good English language skills (written and oral);
  • At least 5 (five) years of experience obtained within the last 10 years in the position of the head of the enterprise or the head of the top-level division in an enterprise or group of companies with at least 250 employees.

Special requirements

  • Ability and experience in the formation and implementation of strategy of the company/group of companies;
  • Knowledge of the principles of sustainable activity, application in practice;
  • Experience in the implementation of organizational transformations, change management, and development of organizations, experience in successful “turn-around” of a company;
  • Experience in operational, financial and risk management;
  • Experience in business operations and development in an international environment;
  • Capacity for cooperation with stakeholders;
  • Experience in fostering innovations, implementing innovative technological processes and/or digital products;
  • Practical knowledge of corporate governance, knowledge of governance principles;
  • Effective motivation of the management team.

Will be considered as advantage

  • Knowledge of and experience in the parcel logistics business;
  • Experience in developing e-commerce solutions;
  • Leadership abilities;
  • Communication skills, ability to express ideas clearly and present information in a structured manner.

State requirements:

  • Must have an impeccable reputation;
  • There must be no connection with other legal entities which could cause a conflict of interests;
  • Must be able to work with State secrets;
  • The right to hold the relevant position or to perform the functions assigned to that position must not be limited or restricted;
  • Within the last 5 years, the candidate should not have been removed from the sole or collegial body of the legal entity due to improper performance of duties.


Monthly salary €8500 -10 000 gross (before taxes) plus yearly bonus of up to 4 (four) monthly salary units.

Documents required from candidates:

  1. Curriculum Vitae;
  2. Motivation letter

On request by the Selection Commission and/or representatives of the executive search agency Master Class LT, UAB, additional documents may be requested in order to confirm the compliance with the general and special requirements and the independence criteria.

Candidates shall submit documents to the executive search agency Master Class LT, UAB by 20 November 2022 inclusive.

Candidates can submit documents to the executive search agency Master Class LT, UAB in the following way:

By email to submit documents signed using secure electronic signature means with qualified electronic signature certificates, or submit their scanned copies with signature.


Contact persons at Master Class LT, UAB:

Laura Žiaubrienė, Executive Search Consultant, phone: +370 (670) 33351.

Substitute – Laura Duksaitė Iškauskienė, Managing Partner  , phone: +370 (699) 37170.

Contact person at AB Lietuvos paštas:

Organization development department manager Inga Rinkevičienė, phone. +370 698 33555, e-mail: