International conference

Master Class HR Conference

February 28, 2019 | Thursday
Kempinski Hotel Cathedral Square
Universiteto str. 14, Vilnius, Lithuania

About the Conference

We are on the verge of a new revolution. No, not the political one, but the one which is much more important – the revolution of a lifestyle. The Internet has changed our lives forever, even where we never thought it would!

A new generation of people who grew up with new technologies is entering the workplace now. Their worldview and values are formed in a different way – they do not believe in any limitations like country borders or languages. They think that these borders are artificial and are only created in our heads. Then not surprisingly their ambitions and expectations are also drastically changing: stable pay in a boring job is not enough anymore.

In this year‘s international Master Class HR conference HR specialists from the most forward-thinking companies will share their experience and insights about the needs of today‘s employees, what means are to be used to uncover their potential to the fullest and how digital revolution is going to change the job market.

Speakers who are addressing Lithuanian audience for the first time are notorious for their bold ideas. Among them is a biohacker striving to blur the lines of being human, the pioneer in digital HR, not to mention an expert in cyber security!

On November 16th those who are not afraid of new ideas and a different approach will gather in Kempinski Hotel, because they are united not only by their passion to change the workplace culture, but also our lifestyle.


Digital and the Evolution of HR
Debbie Lynch Ansell - Chief Human Resources Officer
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Health in workplace
Hilde R. Sønnichsen Orkla Health - HR Director
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The Future Is Now: Competing for talent in a dynamic world
Sean White Citco Group Limited - Head of Talent Acquisition
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Personnel Manager - the target of cyber attacks
Martin Petrov Advantio - COO
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Upgrade your workday with quantified self & biohacking 
Jaakko Halmetoja  Biohacker, nutrition expert, entrepreneur from Finland
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How to end your challenging workday with more energy than you started with
Ronald van Es Macaw - CFO
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